Friday, March 23, 2012

Here I am


It's been a long time.

Where do I start.

Well for starters I'm still on the job hunt. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to come by. I thought once I officially became a CPA I would have companies kicking down my door and fighting over me....ummmm yeah, not so much. As good as it is to be a CPA I'm not the only CPA looking so with that said it's going to take longer than expected. But nevertheless I'm not giving up. The good news is that I've been doing taxes and write ups on the weekend at a CPA firm. It's a great opportunity but working 7 days of week is pretty tough. Atleast its only for a couple of months. But I'm truly grateful for the experience.

I'm starting an investment club!!! The problem is that I haven't really found anyone who is serious about it. I'm hoping that some of my friends close and far away would be interested ( wink wink...any takers). I'm going to dedicate a whole post to that.

I'm thinking of turning talking about other things on this blog. One thing that I love with all my heart is fashion and shoes. Maybe some outfit posts or random stuff would work. We'll see.

I need to start going out more. Pre CPA exam I loved going out with friends and dressing up. Now I have a bunch of clothes with no place to go...LOL... That has to change.

So these next few weeks I'll be revamping this blog....Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fighting The Good Fight

Scores were released today.

While I’m not waiting on scores, I feel affected by my friends from twitter who are receiving scores also.

Unfortunately it seems like this window wasn’t a good one. And I can relate.

I know it sounds cliché, but now is not the time to give up. There are a number of reasons why you could give up. But just think about it. Giving up is taking the easy way out. What do you have to do to give up? You basically just put the books down and go back to life as you know it. Some of us may go back to our favorite hobbies, or some of us may just go back to that dreadful job. Giving up just says you know what “ I’m done with this” and “I’m not made for the long haul”. Atleast that’s what I told myself. However wiping your tears means YOU ARE THE MINORITY. Look how many people work in the accounting field. Now look at how many are CPA’s? Not many. Just think after your done with the CPA you can go back to your favorite hobbies or you can go back to that dreadful job, but either way your going back as a CPA. And let me tell you, telling your co-workers

(who I might add may not be as supportive or happy for you as you would like) is a great feeling. Now I’m in no means saying you should go and boast about it (because I’m the total opposite, I was actually very shy to tell people) but it’s a really big accomplishment

The hardest part of dealing with this exam from my experience was the mental toll. I CONSTANTLY had feelings of inadequacy. And yes I did have that urge often to give up. However I kept reminding myself of the lifelong benefit I would have once I was done. The opportunities are endless.

Studying really hard and then failing is a gut wrenching feeling. I was/am the Queen of a good cry. You have to let all your frustration and anger out. I must have called the AICPA and NASBA and the anyone else who was responsible for those ugly MCQ’s and Sims every ugly name in the book (sorry but its true). After cursing them until my tongue fell off and my eyes were as red as they could be and a whole box of tissue later. It was back to the drawing board. With BEC I went to the drawing board three times. It was there that I drilled down on my weak areas. When I drilled down I just basically read up on a topic word for word. Then I explained it back to myself as if I was teaching a class. Once I could explain it to myself I felt a little better. Explaining it to myself meant that I had a chance of atleast talking my way to the right answer during test time. The BIGGEST BIGGEST mistake I made with BEC was studying what I do know as opposed to studying what I don’t know. For example I was pretty good in economics but why in the hell was I doing a million economics questions and 10 capital budgeting questions. I look back at it now and it was a sort of a fear of facing reality that I really sucked at capital budgeting and I had to put in some hard core studying to atleast feel comfortable with it.My third time around I did a million capital budgeting questions and not so much economic questions. Initially I was studying like I would get lucky on the test, meaning “hopefully I won’t get that many capital budgeting questions so I will just do a little of them and then cross my fingers I get lucky” uhhhh that was a #Fail

One of the biggest realizations I had to come to terms with is the way I absorb info may be different from the way someone else does. It was this reason I had to change review courses. If you recognize something isn’t working and your financially able then don’t be afraid to scrap that course and go with another. If your not able to then you have to figure out how you can make it work for you. Either you can take more note cards, or do more questions, etc. Whatever has to be done just do it. And also there are so many websites you can use a resource. For example most of my help from capital budgeting came from just using Google and learning from there (since I felt like reading the same thing over and over after the third try was getting me nowhere).

The one thing I really want to stress is to not doubt yourself. You have to alteast tell yourself you have a shot at being a CPA just like anyone else. Again this may sound cliché but you can do it!!! I kept reminding myself that I didn’t need to be a expert in every topic I just need to recognize it when I see it and be able to make some sort of sense out of it. The exam is about knowing a little about a lot. Getting too in depth isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if your focusing your time on being an expert in one area and then in other areas your mind draws a blank your study plan needs to be revised.

Now I look back at all my trials and tribulations and some stories I can laugh at. For example I remember when I failed BEC with a 70 and I called my Mom of course crying and barely able to breathe. I told her to wait awhile before she told my Dad and my siblings because I needed time to get myself together. Of course as soon as I hung up the phone with her my Dad calls telling me how sorry he was (that made me cry even more) and then as soon as my Dad hung up, here goes my sister calling!!! I’m like Thanks Mom…can I catch a break.

If you didn’t get that passing grade this window take a couple of days to regroup. Don’t beat yourself up too much. The next step is to revise revise revise your study plan. Don’t beat yourself up about the points you didn’t get look at the points you did get and just build upon that. The goal is to build on top of what you know. Because in the end you know something you just need to know a little more.

Anyway I say all this to say, that yes it totally sucks right now. To fail feels like absolute crap. Your probably beating yourself up. But just know failure is temporary (unless you give up) but being a CPA is permanent.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Roger Raffle and Update

Roger is having another sale and a workshop. This is a great opportunity to get to know Roger and a great opportunity to enter a raffle to win a full review!!!

Wednesday, February 15th
12pm-1pm PST (3pm-4pm EST)


In other news,

Not much going on over here, still on a job search.

My license came in the mail (and it is a beauty I might add).

Hopefully I have some good news to add soon.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whats Been Up with Me??

Well I'm still on my job search.

I haven't been as persistent as I should have been but I'm getting there.

I've really been enjoying my life post CPA exam and I can only say positive things.

I've been doing my research on starting my own business, the hardest part is coming up with a name (can you believe that??). I'm determined to put my thinking cap on.

I'm so excited of all the opportunities that I know will come my way. I'm doing nothing but positive thinking because I will only accept positivity into my life.

On another note my favorite review course has a new promo video. Check it out below. Seriously Roger gave me confidence boost I needed. If your contemplating on which course to choose you should most definitely get Roger. I passed two parts in one window thanks to Roger. And his Audit course got me a grade of 86 even though I have never done an actual audit before.

Hope all is well!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Goals

With the new year here its time to set 2012 goals.

I never put my annual goals down on paper until last year January.

Goals are so important. Setting goals is like a roadmap for your life.

I remember I used to always say how bored I was and how I had nothing to do, I realize now that's because I was living life with no agenda.

So here are my 2012 goals ( at least some of them)

1)Get my license active (already sent out my paperwork)
2) GET A NEW JOB!!!!
3) Generate another source of income
4) Save Save Save
5) Participate in more networking events and meet more like minded individuals.
6) Go on a much needed vacay.

So there it is.

And here's to a new year, with new goals, and new success.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Bad Apple doesn't spoil the bunch

Well today I met with another recruiter.

He was so so nice!!! I felt like I was talking to one of my friends. We ended up talking for almost an hour about so many things I didn't even realize we talked that long.

I let him know exactly what I was looking for and he told me how he could help.

I let him know of my dream to work in a CPA firm. He told me that it may be slightly hard compared to someone who has worked their before but it's not unheard of and its not impossible. He said the fact that I passed the CPA puts me in a great position and that company's would be eager to learn more about me. He also threw some other areas that I could look into and I can say that I was quite interested in them also. It felt so good to have another perspective upon things. This just taught me that I will never let another person tell me what I'm capable of doing and I won't let other peoples premature knowledge of me determine what I can and will do.

Anyway, he also said to expect 1st Qtr 2012 to open up with opportunities. I am happy to hear that. Until then I will be plugging along and getting my post exam life up and running.
***Side Note***

Today I received some of the best tweets ever.
" Be so focused that no thing, no fling, and no bling distract you from living your dream" - The Daily Love "Worrying does not take away tomorrows troubles, it takes away todays peace" - Larger than Words "When GOD solves your problems, you have faith in his abilities, when GOD doesn't solve your problems he has faith in your abilities - Larger then Words

If this didn't brighten my day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Next?????

Well now that I've got exams out the way, whats next?

My next big task is my job search.

I really need to make moves into the industry and fast. After telling my Manager about passing the exam she even suggested that its time I start looking. If that's not motivation to leave I don't know what is.

Today I spoke with a recruiter who was to put it mildly, very very rude. He basically made it seem like passing the CPA was no big deal and that there was no chance for me to get into a CPA firm since I have no background in auditing I personally think that he's totally wrong. For a second I was really upset. I couldn't believe that a person could just be so mean but I will not waste my time on somebody who knows nothing about me or my abilities.

My focus is to move into either a role as a Asst Controller/Controller or if the opportunity presents itself a position with a CPA firm. My goal is to really learn the ins and outs of the operations of an entity. Currently I'm in a similar role but I want to be on the client side/managing side of things.

I know that some people try to down play passing the CPA (as I have encountered) but I'm not downplaying it. If the CPA were so easy everyone would be a CPA.

I plan on blogging my job search and my movement into this new direction.

Here's to good news and growth!!!
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