Friday, July 22, 2011


I've promised to be more consistent about blogging (since it is like therapy for me and it keeps me accountable) so here's a little update.

I reviewed F1 again and got through about 80 questions including taking and reviewing extensive notes. I plan to finish up F1 and F2 this weekend. I really want to go through Becker again and then put the finishing touches on with Roger. I'll be able to determine how far I get in Becker by August 1st. Wherever I am in Becker in that time will have to do. I have to start the CRAM by then. Other than that everything is going good. Besides the fact that its 900 million degrees outside I don't see anything getting in my way.

I'm going to get up in a few hours and hit the books again, so for now I'm just enjoying some leisure time before I jam my brain with all that fun financial stuff.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seems Like Forever

Seems like forever since I posted. I'm going to make it my business to post here atleast once a week. This blog is like therapy to me.

**** So I'm winding down on my FAR studies*****

I will be starting my CRAM this weekend. I've got alot of work ahead of me but atleast I have 6 weeks to do it. Some may say thats too much time to review but hey that's what I'm doing.

I NEED to pass FAR on my first try.

I remember writing down my goals in January. I bought a picture frame and wrote down 5 goals for 2011.

I wake up every morning to this frame and I make sure I see it everyday. This has made a difference. Obviously I want to be done this year but passing three this year will make my day!!

The support I've received from my twitter friends has been so encouraging and there is no way I could stay as motivated as I have. I'm still plugging away and I will until August 28th.

Work has been pretty busy for me. I've taken on more responsibilities (which isn't a bad thing) but it can be a challenge when your studying. I'm also waking up earlier in the mornings to try and get some study hours in. I've also limited my lunch time gym workouts to 3 days a week. I'm confident that I will be able to pull it together. It's all about repetition!

On another note, I've decided to take Audit most likely 1st to 2nd week of November. I don't even want to put the idea of a FAR retake on the table because I'm going in there like I already passed.

So that's what has been up with me. What's been up with you??
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