Saturday, April 23, 2011

FAR Update

FAR is coming along. I finally made it out of Module 9 (yayy...does back flips). Can I just say that once you get through that module you deserve a round of applause. That module is sooooooo long.....OMG!!

I'm currently half way through Module 11 and I will be finishing that tonight. I'm also going to answer the Yaeger minimum questions and break into Module 12.

Tomorrow I will finish Module 12 and then review modules 9-12.

I looked at my calendar today and I realized that if I keep up my pace I will be done by May 18th. This will give me 13 days to review. I think this will be a sufficient amount of time to review all of the Modules. As long as I continually review prior modules (on Sunday's) I will be fine.

I'm realizing that yes FAR is difficult, but its difficult because its so much information. The way Cindy Simpson breaks things down makes it so understandable. Some people say that their lectures are too long, however if I take killer notes and fully grasp the concept before I move on, I get through the MCQ's pretty well.

Another concern I had was that the minimum assigned questions were not enough. I see now that they are. You just have to really know all the ways that the AICPA could ask you questions. If you master that then you know the concept. There are but so many ways that they can ask you about a topic.

Well that's my update. Time to rest for these next few hours because I have to do round two tonight.

Study Tip 4- FInd Your Time

I haven't done a study tip in a while. Partly because I post study tips as I find out what is helping me. Recently I noticed that I study better at night. I get so much covered between the hours of 5pm and 2am. Yes I know, crazy hours. I believe the reason is because while I'm studying everyone is sleeping. My neighbors aren't annoying me with the day time shennanigans. My friends aren't texting me about random things and the significant other isn't up watching basketball and yelling at the TV.

During the day I can still have some sort of a life and watch some of the shows that I enjoy. While I'm studying I'm not tempted to turn on the TV because I've already removed the temptation.

Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. I'm currently enjoying my free time but in about five hours I will be submitting myself to the dungeon for the next eight hours. Works for me.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

FAR so far

Well the title to this post has two meanings.

It means my progress currently and it also means that the road to finishing up FAR by May 31st looks so far away. I've only watched 7 hours of Yaeger videos and I have 44 more to go. Now that definitely seems doable in 6 weeks right. Well considering the fact that it takes more than one hour to get through one hour of video lets turn 44 hours into somewhere near around 68 hours. I normally pause the video on areas that I need to think about and I take notes in between.

I also need to answer questions not to mention there is a slim chance that I would feel comfortable with taking the exam without CRAM videos.

FAR is the beast. I haven't even made it to the really tough areas and I'm feeling the pressure.

I feel like I need to get back to accounting basics so that will take up some more of my time while I look through my old accounting books.

So now that I've had my break I have to get back to my lectures and keep working hard until I'm a CPA.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

BEC Recap and Moving Right Along

Well BEC was today.

It wasn't horrible but there were some tricky questions. It did seem that the questions were getting harder but I will say that I had a nice amount of theory questions.

I have no choice but to wait until June to hear my fate. Until then FAR bootcamp begins tomorrow.

I have Becker class in the morning. I have to really be on schedule for this one. No room to slack. After REG I was planning on having my Sunday's to study all day but since getting my REG grade back I decided to give the live classes a shot.

I'm already thinking about if I should get the Cram for FAR. Actually let me rephrase that, I know I'm getting the Cram I just have to determine which provider. I've already decided hands down that I will be getting the Roger Cram for audit but for FAR I'm not sure yet. Any ideas or preferences?
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