Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sleepy Quick Update

Ok I'm tired as a mutha and I need some sleep. So I'll try to be detailed...

So basically I took a practice test (a full 90 questions) and got a freaking 67% (dayummmm) can I get out the 60's please??? I took another little test (only 25 questions) and got a 76% (but that is just barely passing)

Anyway, what really pisses me off is that when I go over my wrong questions I just want to kick myself. Most of the time its not that I dont' know it. It's that I read the question wrong or I rushed through it.

I've been making a flash card for those questions that stumped me and for those questions that take me a while to answer. I'm planning on taking atleast two more practice tests before 10-30. These flash cards have really really helped me. I go through them atleast once a day.

The Wiley book said I should be getting 80's on the test.

I'm going to watch the full ROGER Cram again before my test. That's just going to be so that I can pound in the materials and this weekend I'm planning on re writing my notes (old and new) and taking another practice test (probably Sunday)

Anyway I can't think straight now because I'm so beat.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and good luck to everyone taking the test.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Best Friends Name is Repetition you know her??

Well I know her....she's with me all the time.

On the train, she is there

In my mind, I'm using repetition over and over again when I'm trying to get a hold on this stuff

At home I have a stack of flash cards and repetition is flowing with me again.

I realized that I can't pass this test without her!

Repetition is big and bulky but its Ok because she always manages to make her way into my bag.

Repetition taught me to use flash cards atleast twice a day and she said to write down everything that I can't explain to someone else.

Repetition said to answer as many questions as you can and make a list of all those that you get wrong.

This is repetition

Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting my BEC on.....

No big update today. I'm still studying for BEC. I ordered the Roger full REG course yesterday (and I got a free Cram with the purchase, and I get to use it for any Cram of my choice)...very excited about that!!!

I'm getting better at my calculations and better at retaining info. I plan on taking a practice test next weekend. Depending on how that goes I'll start my studying for REG. No matter what I'll definitely be studying for REG before 10/30.

Other than that everything is going good!!

I hope everyone is doing well also (hey friends!!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

So Far

(LOL...Just looking at this makes me look like a slob....but when I'm in study mode there are papers everywhere)

So far I'm doing better with BEC. I was about to have a little melt down yesterday because I felt like I couldn't remember jack! I took a break for around 8 hrs and started studying late last night. Finally things started to sink in. It wasn't like I was just reading as before. I also made a ton of my own flash cards. I have the CPA Excel Flashcards, and they are good. But I realize that I need more of my own in my own words.

Tonight I'm going to crack the books open again. I'm realizing that late night studying is doing me justice.

I'm going to watch the last CRAM video tonight! Then I'm going to do atleast 35 cost accounting questions. Honestly this is the only section where calcs make me cringe! But I'm going to work on getting my calcs down to 1min- 1:45min. I'm going to pass this time!!! One page at a time.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Side Eye

You know what the side eye is right??? Well if you don't let me give you a visual.....

Yup that's the side eye.

Do you want to know when somebody gets the side eye from me? They get the side eye from me when they say

1) "Oh you studying again????? That's boring"....... side eye

Uploaded with

2) "You didn't pass yet?? It shouldn't be that hard"... ("oh no you didn't just say that"... insert double side eye)

3) "It's probably not as hard as your making it seem. You just have to study harder". (Excuse I'm paying thousands to waste on purpose).

You get the gist....right??

I know I'm not the only one giving the side eye....but I just want everyone who's going through the same things to relate. We study and study and study and still sometimes come up short. But for those not in our shoes can you do me a favor and be quiet. If things were so easy ,everyone would be CPA's. So next time somebody says something ridiculous to you about this test...just give them the side eye. They will get the picture.

Friday, October 1, 2010

SMART Goals ( I know I'm SMART)...LOL


I was reading one of my many favorite blogs here and I read a goal about SMART Goals.

I know about SMART Goals. I remember one of my classes in my MBA was practically focused around SMART Goals. The whole time I’ve been studying for this test I always say “ I just want to pass, I just want to be a CPA, I just want to get a raise, I just want to get a new job, I just want to be able to start a business and help others” but I never really set a date. Like an actual deadline. The rate I’m going with my statements above could lead me into definitely passing but who knows when?? Just imagine, what if everyone who went to college and said I just want a degree, but they didn't set a goal. That would mean I could take 6 credits a semester and take ....ummmm..... about 10 years to get a Bachelors (insane right!!) Well that's how I feel coming to the realization that I really didn't set a date.

So today I’m setting my SMART goals

Specific- I WILL Pass the CPA. It is important because it will allow me to be a better provider. I also would like to use my designation to educate those less fortunate and also to give back to my community. I would also like a significant pay increase. With the latter being the least important currently.

Measurable- I will measure my progress by practice tests. I will also create blank outlines and fill them in with information related to each topic. I will compare that to the book and gauge my results. I will also take atleast one practice test consisting of 30 questions from the sections that I’ve reviewed so far on Sunday’s. I will utilize my Wiley Test Bank, and my Wiley text book for questions

Attainable- I will obtain this goal by studying a minimum of 3 hrs a night and a minimum of 4 weeknights. I will allow myself one night off a week (thats only if I've done reasonably well during the week) My real goal is 4hrs a night however I will be realistic and not lie to myself. I will answer atleast 25 questions a day (25-30 questions is being pretty lazy but I want to keep goals realistic) ( That’s 750 questions/ month. If I take 8 weeks per exam that’s 1500 question!!). If for some reason I can not study 3hrs a night I will have to make it up the next day. I will either have to add that on to my study time during my night time studying or forgo going to the gym during lunch or if I don’t go to the gym I will go to the cafeteria and study forgoing my time out with co-workers. I will make flash cards for my weak areas and I will make double flash cards for areas that I’m very weak in (i.e. I will write the same flash card more than once and mix it in so that when I’m reviewing there is more repititon). I will keep a log of all of the questions that I missed.

Realistic- I will study a minimum of 25 hrs a week. I can obtain this if I do 3 hrs a day during the week and 13 hrs during the weekend. On the weekend I can do 4 hrs in the early morning and the remainder spread out during the day. I will allow myself to 45 mins of surfing the internet and tweeting when I get home but that’s it!! If I can do it at work that’s better that will give me more time to study at home ( I know I shouldn’t do it at work but oh well I’m being realistic…LOL) My other free time during the weekday is geared towards studying. On the weekends I will surf the internet for no more than 2 hrs/day (if that). That time is allotted to blogging, tweeting, or whatever else I want to do. Everything else is devoted to studying.

Time- CPA by 4-13-2011 (My Bday). It has to be by this day because I don’t want to have another non traveling nonexciting uneventful boring poor or penniless summer or spring!!! I cannot afford to pay for NTS’s every month!!

Reg 11/29/2010 – Retake

Studying Begins on 10/31

Goal of 100 hrs

24 hrs of video (Roger Lecture)

76-80 hrs of reviewing and answering questions

Study Plan is to be done with videos by 11-18. That leaves me 11 days to review for REG. This give me sufficient time to do atleast 1 practice test (which I plan to take on 11/22 or 11/23 this will leave me enough time to pick my face up off the floor if I do poorly or not to my liking on the test) and MQ’s alteast twice. I will have two weeks off from work from 11-15 thru 11-30. This leaves me with ample time to study. I will take no longer than three days to do MQ’s for each section. I will take two full days to practice sims. I will complete atleast two sims from each section.

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