Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Back with Another FAR Update

Well, I’m back with another FAR update. Well lets see , first things first, I will be taking FAR on 7/17 and not 5/31. I just don’t feel ready. I want to pass on my first take and I don’t want to rush through studying. My brain and my sanity is thanking me. I’m continuing to study atleast 3-4 hours a day on weekdays and 5-6 hours on weekends.

I’m excited about new opportunities that have come my way. I can’t wait until the exam is over so that I can finally get started with my life (sounds crazy but that’s how I feel).

In other news, I’m flip flopping between Becker and Yaeger. I will just say that I’m glad I have both. Where Yaeger falls short Becker fills it in nicely.

Other than that I’m still on my CPA grind and I have not lost motivation. I will say that I’m happy that I’m not killing myself to cram all of FAR in so soon. I do believe that you shouldn’t prolong your studying for too long, however FAR in 6 weeks for me was unrealistic.

Monday, May 2, 2011

These Next Two Weeks

These next two weeks to say the least will be intense. I will studying until I can't take it anymore. I already told my co-worker I won't be enjoying lunch time gossip or shopping. It's strictly FAR. I won't be tweeting while I study. And I will be drilling FAR in hard. I will leave a day a half to get some much needed fun time in though on May 20-21 with a know who you (stay tuned for pics and details..) but I will still be studying that weekend also.

I WILL be done with FAR studying by May 18th. That gives me 13 days to review. Which in my opinion is enough time to cram it all in. I plan on blogging a bit more frequently just to hold myself accountable. Even if its really quick its something to track my progress.

As long as I continue to do cumulative reviews I feel confident. I did a cumulative review tonight and although I have areas to work on, I actually retained and understood more that what I thought I did (never underestimate yourself!!!!!!)

I also have to do two TBS days. I mean FULL TBS DAYS! These FAR sims are pretty nasty...LOL. But nothing I can't beat.

So that's my FAR plan. After this is Audit (which by the way I will be starting my review on June 6th ) and then hopefully I will be D-O-N-E.... I can feel it!

What's your study plan?

IFRS Certification Yay Or Nay??

I was online today printing up the CSO's for FAR today and I noticed this link here. The AICPA is offering a certification in IFRS. Initially when I read it I thought it would be interesting to look into (of course after I pass my last part) but then I saw the price $1,695 O_0. My eyes jumped out my head.

I will have to consider the benefits later, because right now based on price that's not even an option.

Do you think you will be getting IFRS certified? I may, but definitely not now.
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