Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's The Determination In Me ....

It's the determination in me that has me thinking how I'm going to pass the exam. I'm already plotting in my head of what to do but I owe myself a break. I will not pick up my REG book until atleast a week and a half to two weeks...I think I have my plan in my head but I'm going to keep it to myself. I'm not going to tell my family that I'm done with my break because although they mean well I just don't want to have to talk about it. Honestly I'm blessed to have such a good family (although when I asked my Mother to keep my grade on the low) my Dad and Sister called right after with their calming words...gotta love them.

Ok no more CPA thoughts for now. I will just continue to lay around and be unproductive (which feels kind of good by the way)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Here we go again

Well after literally feeling good about my new approach and study habits BEC conquered me again. I got a 70... this is the first time I got out the 60's. So in a sense I did improve but I didn't cut it. I already shed my tear but I'm definitely taking some weeks off to regroup. I also pushed REG back to January. There is no sense in rushing now when I don't have the drive or energy to. I will get through this test but right now I don't know when.

Monday, November 1, 2010

BEC Has Come and Gone and Other Thoughts

Well BEC was Saturday. I studied all day Friday and then ended up coming down with a bad cold on Friday night. I took some NyQuil and was determined to get a good nights sleep. I woke up feeling like $10 million dollars. I was so well rested! I woke up at seven and reviewed my notes and did questions. I then went back to sleep at around 10am and woke up at 1pm. I left for my test at 3 and at 4:51 I began.

As far as the test....I really don't know what to think. These tests have you feeling one way and then the results say another. Whatever happens I will accept it but I will always know that I put my all and just didn't go in there arrogant or ignorant. But one funny thing was that I told myself I would take my time and read the question atleast 2-3 times since I know I have a tendency to rush. Well I had about 2 mins on the clock and I knew I knew the answer to this question but I just couldn't get it...and at the last minute I figured it out!! I wanted to jump out my seat and do a dance. (So hopefully thats a good sign) I will not check any scores until after REG

Something else I'm coming to realize...I know you always hear everyone say "If you study you will pass" and I definitely believe this to be true.....HOWEVER, I also believe that this test has some luck included. I mean seriously we all know that there are different versions out there and that some questions are pre test and some sim's are not graded. There is no way that we can be experts on everything and sometimes we may get lucky and get something we are comfortable with and sometimes we will get something that makes us cringe, with that said, I think I'm going to take this into consideration and put this into perspective. Just my thoughts....

Off to REG (by the way I already watched 4 hrs of the ROGER Reg and I'm done with individuals) I learned more in 4hrs with ROGER than in 11hrs with Yaeger) I'm learning that compressed materials is working for me and I need to do questions and read between the lines. For me its better when I can cover an entire section (or most of it) in a shorter study session (i.e. 4-6 hrs).
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