Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FAR is almost here and looking forward to Audit

In 4 more days I will be taking FAR. I can honestly say that I’ve studied the hardest for this section. I’m excited to be taking my 3rd part of the exam while also nervous. At the end of the day I’m GOING to walk into Prometric confident. The only person who can kill my own confidence is myself and I’ve worked too hard to feel less then capable.

On another note. I will be starting Audit on Monday. I’ve decided to go with Roger CPA Review. I’ve heard great things about Roger ‘s audit review and I think this will be exactly what I need to pass. Roger helped me solidify my BEC understanding as well as helped me decipher some difficult REG topics. I really liked his coverage of business law in REG. My plan is to be done with Audit in 5-6 weeks. I’m going to really really dig deep for Audit because
1) I don’t want to take it again….
2) I want to be a CPA by Christmas

And for those of you who want to join in on the Roger fun he’s having a special now...

I'm headed back to the books...see u soon

Thursday, September 15, 2011

FAR Studying Continued.......But with a TWIST!!!

So FAR is scheduled for October 1st.

No matter what I will be taking FAR that day.

Since I wasn't able to take it on 8/28 that gave me 4 extra weeks to study. I remember a lot from studying then, but I will admit I need to brush up on everything and tie it all together.

My study plan will be structured, meaning that I will be going through the chapters on a day by day basis. I'm glad that I blogged my day by day progress because I can go back and mimick that.

So anyway back to the twist.

I've noticed that sometime the problem with studying for the CPA exam is not retaining info. Your studying things in order. Basically when you study things in order you can't put the pieces together on your own. You can't see how the last chapter in the book relates to the first. Your studying chapter by chapter and your memorizing that chapter. Soooooo my solution is to randomize my studying everynight by randomly generating a section to do questions on. I've broken up the topics as such:

1)Conceptual Framework and IFRS

2)Cash Balance Sheet Presentation

3) Investments & Marketable Securities & Derivatives



6) Intangibles

7) Bonds and PV


9) Liabilities and Contingencies

10) Receivables


12) Stockholders Equity

13) Partnerships

14)Accounting Error and Changes

15) Accounting for Income Taxes

16)Segment reporting

17)Development Stage Enterprise, Intermin f/s and f/s ratio analysis

18)Installment cost and recovery

19) Long Term Construction Contracts

20)Personal Financial Statements

21)Statement of Cash Flows


23) Foreign Currency

25)Business Combinations

26) Government

27) NFP

I will randomly generate a section. Each time I generate that section that I completed will not be included in the pool. I will then randomly generate another number. That will be the amount of questions I need to answer for that section.

I decided that I will do a max of 30 questions (after 30 I'm in a daze and staring into space).

I will randomly generate a section every night in addition to doing atleast 30 questions on the topic of my focus for that night.

So for example if the random generator chooses #15 and then it chooses the # 6 that means that I will have to do 6 questions on accounting for income taxes.

I have a ton to review so I'm going to get started tonight with some questions.

Random Generator for Sections

Random Generator for Questions

Feel free to use the generator for your own questions and feel free to join in!!

CPA Exam!!! Lets get it!

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