Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whats Been Up with Me??

Well I'm still on my job search.

I haven't been as persistent as I should have been but I'm getting there.

I've really been enjoying my life post CPA exam and I can only say positive things.

I've been doing my research on starting my own business, the hardest part is coming up with a name (can you believe that??). I'm determined to put my thinking cap on.

I'm so excited of all the opportunities that I know will come my way. I'm doing nothing but positive thinking because I will only accept positivity into my life.

On another note my favorite review course has a new promo video. Check it out below. Seriously Roger gave me confidence boost I needed. If your contemplating on which course to choose you should most definitely get Roger. I passed two parts in one window thanks to Roger. And his Audit course got me a grade of 86 even though I have never done an actual audit before.

Hope all is well!!

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